Self-Guided Adventures in the Alps

Your personal self-guided

adventure with ultimate flexibility

If you’re a seasoned trail runner or have the confidence and abilities required to travel on your own in the Alps, then you may want to opt for a self-guided tour. This option is meant to give you total flexibility and control without the hassle of planning.

In a self-guided scenario, we take care of the route planning, bookings, trail instructions, and provide you with regional information and local tips. Perhaps most valuable of all, you’ll have access to a Trail Run Austria guide’s phone number in case you need some real-time support.

Self-guided tours are meant to be worry-free, where you can relax and focus on the trail. All you have to do is book a tour, get out there, breathe in the air, and enjoy the view. We’ll take care of the accommodation, shuttle services, weather forecast analysis, and any issues that might arise.

What makes a self-guided trip right for you?


If you’re unsure about any aspect of trail running in the mountains without a guide, don’t hesitate to ask us about any uncertainties! We are happy to give you free advice on what kind of tour will suit you best. Here are a few topics that you should be comfortable with before you commit to a self-guided tour.

  • Self-assessment of abilities
  • Wilderness first aid/Rescue situations
  • Map reading/Orientation in the mountains
  • Timing

If ANY of these points make you feel uneasy about going on a self-guided tour, please consider booking a guide to ensure a safe and wholesome adventure. Nature’s beauty can be distracting from the fact that the mountains are not to be underestimated.

  • Custom tours: Combine a variety of our day- and multi-day trips or request a tour that you don’t see on our site.
  • Flexibility: Just tell us when you want to hit the trails, and we will organise everything accordingly. If bad weather or other circumstances require it, itinerary changes can be made on the fly.
  • Details: Naturally, a digital route is included in the package, but so are details about the access points to clean water, pertinent route information, technical areas, lookouts with descriptions of the area, points of interest, and more.
  • Advice on-the-go: You’ll have access to Trail Run Austria’s private contact information in case any questions or concerns come up during your trip. Having the peace of mind to be able to contact a local guide for consultation and advice is one of the many reasons to enjoy one of our self-guided tours.


You are going to have the experience of a lifetime with Trail Run Austria. These factors can help you plan a trip that fits your budget.

Self-Guided Day Fees

Every tour is unique and special requests can easily be granted. The final cost calculation depends on the party’s specific needs. Food/drink not included.

Benchmark prices:

  • Half day (1-4 hours): 50€ + 10% per additional person
  • Full day (4-8 hours): 100€ + 10% per additional person


  • Taxis are the best way to get to and from some trailheads. They typically cost 20€ per ride for the whole group. Multi-day trips take up to four taxis and day trips take up to two.
  • Lifts are useful to save time and energy on initial climbs or descents. They allow you to run at a more scenic elevation for more of the day! They cost between 15€ and 30€ for the day per person. Few trips include lifts.

Self-Guided Multi-Day Fees

Multi-day tours are priced according to the time you’ll be on the trail and the number of nights/style of your accommodations. Food/drink not included.

Example: Two people, three days/two nights Base Camp Mittersill at the Alphotel Mittersill.

  • Friday half day = 55€
  • Saturday full day = 110€
  • Sunday half day = 55€
  • Two nights in double room with breakfast = 200€
  • Three taxi rides & one train ride to/from trailhead = 68€ (paid by guest directly)
  • TOTAL: 488€ or 244€/person


The top destinations in the region


The top destinations in the region


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